Give to your selected celebrity charity project.

A celebrity and his/her chosen charity is selected for promotion on the Stars to Heal platform for the monthly “Ball Out.”

Receive a gift – a lottery ticket from the main sponsor, LottoStars, and/or other items from other sponsors – for your donation.

The celebrity raises money for their favored charity or their supported well-known humanitarian organization through the Stars to Heal platform.

LottoStars sets up a lottery draw for the pre-selected charity on Stars to Heal. 

The celebrity’s followers can donate a minimum of 2 sterlings/dollars/euros (or multiple) to Stars to Heal and they will receive an online gift of LottoStars tickets.


  1. Accept the gift.
  2. Give the gift to family member or friend.
  3. Forward the gift to charity.

Winning the lottery gives fans the opportunity to spend a once-in-a-lifetime experience with their favorite celebrity.


  1. Serve and volunteer with a celebrity on their favorite humanitarian program (Plant a tree, feed a community, etc.)
  2. Lottery winners have additional options to invest their winnings:
    • To invest all or 
    • To invest a portion of their winnings for staking to get compound earnings which they can give back to charity. 

The celebrity’s pre-selected charity and/or humanitarian organization will receive 40% net of the total money pool from Stars to Heal, while the other 40% will be allocated to prizes of LottoStars, and the remaining 20% will cover the operational cost.

Donation Distribution

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