Stars to Heal

A Monthly Crypto Lottery for Liquidity Pool Participants

Earn and win with your $STARS token, the first “HODL-to-GIVE” token. Grow your money so it can benefit you the most.

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Global Lottery


Stars to Heal

STH Solution


Our Solution

• Monthly lottery plus high APY
• Part of the transaction tax is donated to charity
• Driven by celebrities
• Deflationary tax as tokens are burned

LuckyPot: $STARS Token Value Creation

• LP Principal Intact
• Monthly Lottery
• Celebrity NFT RewardsSecure
• Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU)
• Transaction Tax Donated to the Charity of the Month
• Social Impact

Our Team

Max Burgio

Max Burgio


Max Burgio is an Italian/American and an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the Hospitality industry. He served as a Luxurious Hospitality M&A adviser to brands like Cipriani, Buddha Bar, and The Mandalay Bay Hotel in Vegas. He started the lottery vision with Michael Jackson and manager Frank Dileo in 2008 and continued with the support of tech guru Paul Allen.

Angus Tookey

Angus Tookey


CMO Angus Tookey has advised 100+ IDOs globally that raised over $20M. Wall Street Bets, Cake Monster, and Relay Chain are some while the biggest return was 200x on $MONSTA. His marketing experience is global, and resides in London with his family.

Lucas Wilson

Lucas Wilson


Former US Marine, combat veteran, husband, father, and lifelong gamer with over twenty years of combined military service, education, and handson experience in the fields of Information Technology and Homeland Security.

Eva Cavalli 1

Eva Cavalli

Fashion Ambassador

Eva Cavalli is the Austrianborn wife of renowned Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. In 1994, Eva, a former model, helped rebuild the Cavalli brand and held the title as Head of Design for Cavalli.

Boris Becker image

Boris Becker

Sports Stars Ambassador

Boris Becker is one of the most successful tennis players of all time. He won the Wimbledon men’s singles at age 17. He won 5 Grand Slams, 13 Masters, 3 Open Finals and the Olympic gold in doubles.

Our Team

Yannis A. Lazaros

Yannis A. Lazaros

Chief Gaming Officer/Managing Partner

Yannis is a Managing Director since 2016. His experience spans five continents in Gaming Operations for 20+ years.

Paul Schindler

Paul Schindler

Celebrity Legal Advisor

Paul D. Schindler is the Senior Chair of the New York Entertainment and Media Practice of Paul and Allen Grubman established in 1974. He represents some of the biggest celebrities in the world.

Robert Hantman

Robert Hantman

Chief Legal Officer

Founding partner of Hantman & Associates, Mr. Hantman specializes in civil-commercial –including FINRA and SEC matters. His high-profile cases range from NY Yankees, Steven Seagal,Trump Models, Ford Model Management, Magic Johnson, Vladimir Klitschko, and many others.

Nico Losito

Nico Losito


Nico Losito drives the IBM Technology Unit that includes the following business of IBM Italy: Software, Hardware, Cloud, Security, Professional and Technical Services, Channel Ecosystem and Digital sales.

Vera Futorjanski

Vera Futorjanski

Impact Chairwoman

Vera was recently director of innovation for VC500 Startups in the Middle East and Russia. She had been with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Dubai Future Foundation as head of global communications. Prior to her time in Dubai, Vera was based in Berlin where she ran the global communications for Rocket Internet during the IPO.

Available Q2 2022

Our Story

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  • Max Burgio starts working with Michael Jackson

2000 to 2010

  • CEO Max Burgio helps Michael Jackson’s Heal the World Foundation
  • Paul Allen joins Max Burgio’s vision
  • Michael Jackson passes away in 2009.

2018 to 2019

  • IBM agrees to build a blockchain platform

2020 to Now

  • Lotto4Life is renamed Stars Lotto
  • Stars to Heal is set to heal the
    world again–a long-overdue
    vision of Max and his partner.



STAGE 2 -Available Q2 2022